Thursday, 7 August 2014

Liebster Award #3

Hello Lovelies!
I have been nominated for another Liebster Award, so a big thank you to the fabulous Rebecca from her blog is great so you guys should go on over and check it out :)

The Rules

1. Link back to the person that nominated you
2. Answer all the questions that you are given
3. Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate
4. Pick 11 questions for them to answer and let them know.

Rebecca's Questions
1. In your opinion what is the best way to remove make up?
Well I use a cleanser to remove my make up, then I use a toner.

2. Waterproof mascara or regular mascara?
I definitely prefer waterproof mascara, especially with the rainy weather we usually have, mascara running down your face and around your eyes isn't a good look :') 

3. What is the best beauty product out there?
That's a difficult question! I couldn't really say because I haven't tried everything out there, but the best product I have tried is the Revlon Colourstay foundation. 

4. Is there one item of food or drink that you think can help improve your appearance (e.g. skin, eyes, hair)?
I'm no expert but since I have been trying to drink more water I have noticed my skin has been a lot better.

5. Which beauty products are worth spending more money on?
I think foundation is something worth spending more on, the more expensive brands tend to give better, long-lasting, coverage. But I have found some good cheaper alternatives, as I love a bargain, I recently tried an Essence foundation and loved it (I will review it soon!)

6. How long do you think you will be blogging for?
I have never really thought about when I will stop blogging. Hopefully it's something I will continue to do for a long time. It will be cool in the future to look back and see what I was loving when I was younger :')

7. What kind of response have you had to your blog?
Everyone has been lovely about my blog, I always get sweet comments and people seem to enjoy reading my posts :)

8. What is the best thing about blogging?
Getting to talk about what I love with people that share the same interests. But above all the people, there are so many lovely people that read my blog and leave nice comments, everyone supports each other. 

9. Is there a downside to blogging?
There isn't a real downside, sometimes I don't have enough time to get my posts out eg. may this year :') , and I felt really bad, you have to get your self all organised for sure.

10.  Do you have any tips or tricks that you would share with your younger self about make-up?
Experiment more, find those colours that suit you and have fun with make up.

11. Have you ever had any embarrassing hair/fashion/make-up moments?
Nothing that really springs to mind, but i'm sure I wore some bad clothes when I was younger! 

I nominate:
1. Grace - Grace'd
2. Olivia - Legally Couture 
3. Sophia - Makeupower 
4. Ruth - Beauty Billboard  
7. Amie - Amie Talks 
8. Jessica - The Modern Girl
9. Millie - Millie Grace
10. Catharine - Live Life Out Loud 
11. Rachel - Routine Beauty

My Questions:
1. If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would do?
2. Which decade would you most like to live in?
3. Do you have a fashion/style icon? who is it?
4. What is your favourite budget/drugstore beauty brand?
5. What is your favourite season?
6. If you were to move to another country, which would you choose?
7. What would be your dream job?
8. Do you prefer the city or the countryside? 
9. Do you have a celebrity crush? who is it?
10. Name 3 singers/bands that would be in your dream festival line up?
11. What was your last beauty purchase?

I would like to say a huge thanks to Rebecca and everyone who reads my blog. It would really mean a lot if you could go on over to the blogs I have nomiated and support them, give them a follow or leave them a nice comment! This is my 3rd Liebster award, so I really want to give back and support other bloggers :)

Thanks again guys, 


  1. My answers are up! Hope you enjoy reading!!

  2. Awesome post! So great getting to know you a bit better. I haven't tried the Colorstay foundation yet, now I'm curious!

    1. Thanks lovely, you should check it out, I love it! :) xxx

  3. My answers! It was a great time doing this post. Thank you for nomination.

  4. I finally got round to doing this. you can find my answers here x