Sunday, 11 May 2014


Hello Lovelies!
Here in the UK, and well i'm sure in other countries too, exam season is starting and I have never felt so stressed before in my life. I will be sitting my A Levels and I know some of you guys reading will be sitting exams too so today I thought I will share with you guys my tips on dealing with stress and exams... 

1) Get yourself organised. This week I had a proper full on stress break down, so to get myself sorted out I created a revision timetable using the website You can schedule in revision blocks and it tallies how many hours you will be spending on each subject so you can spread your time evenly. It's so helpful and gets you focused, before I made one I was drowning under all my subjects. 

2) Keep eating healthily and exercising. After a revision session, it is nice to go out and get some fresh air, you could go for a run or walk.You will find that when you get back in you are more focused during your next revision session.  

3) Take time to relax. I enjoy having a soak in the bath or listening to some music. 

4) Make sure you are prepared for your exams, but don't revise all the time. You will only over do things and then you start stressing out over what you don't know.

5) Sleep. Go to bed at a decent time, your brain needs to rest. You will be more awake and alert. 

So I hope these tips help if like me, you have been stressing out over exams. I think over exam season I will be doing some more helpful posts, maybe some recipes for revision snacks. I want to wish you all good luck for any exams you are sitting, let me know in the comments if you are!

Best wishes ...


  1. My 2nd year uni exams started last week and it feels like I've had a textbook glued to my face for weeks.
    Good luck for your exams! All the revision and stress is worth it in the end :)

    x ♥ Sophie | So Bright & Beautiful

    1. Thank you! I hope your exams go well :) xxx

  2. These are excellent tips.

    Keisha xo