Friday, 10 October 2014

New Montagne Jeunnesse Mask Review

Hello Lovelies!
Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been super busy with starting uni and getting used to my new routine. So for today's post I thought I would ease back into things with a quick review of the new Montagne Jeunnesse Dragon Fruit Sauna Mask.

I am a face mask lover for sure, and I especially love the Montagne Jeunnesse masks. They are super affordable and a great way to relax and pamper yourself. My all time faves are Blemish Mud and Passion Peel Off, so I was excited to try out one from their new range.

I picked up Dragon Fruit Sauna at Wilko's and they haven't let me down! The mask smells so fresh and delicious, I wouldn't eat it though, I got some on my lips and I don't know why but I licked them and it didn't taste so good :') The heating aspect was nice too, it was very relaxing and really opened up the pores to get rid of any oil and dirt, so my face was left feeling extra clean. 

Overall this is another great mask from Montagne Jeunnesse, and for £1 each they are a real bargain.

Thanks for reading guys. Be sure to let me know what your favourite face mask is in the comments and maybe tweet me a selfie of you wearing a face mask @SherbetLemons96 :)


  1. Oh I love face masks they had ones like this in primark sale for 50p. X

    1. Fab! I would have bought like a years supply of them hehe :') xx