Friday, 21 March 2014

My Morning Routine : A College Day

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Hiya Lovelies!
Now I have read a lot of morning routine blog posts and I have watched a lot of morning routine videos and well they are perfect. But lets be honest when you have to be out of the house at 7:45 to catch a bus, and If like me you always oversleep there is no way your morning routine runs smoothly. So here is the morning routine of an everyday student ...

- 6:30 - My first alarm goes off. I dismiss it.
- 6:45 - My second alarm goes off. I dismiss it.
- 7:00 - My third alarm goes off. I dismiss it.
- around 7:15 - I finally get up and then begin to panic. I quickly jump in the shower, and then throw on some clothes.
- 7:30 - I quickly do my everyday makeup look, which I now can complete in 5 minutes. Then I do my hair, for college I usually go for a plait or a bun, something quick!
- 7:40 - I grab my things for college, bag, folders, purse, phone and of course headphones and run down stairs. I then usually have enough time for a few gulps of coffee, and then I brush my teeth.
- 7:45 - I head out the door and walk to the bus stop.
- 8:40 - I arrive at college and grab some breakfast before one of my classes, which is usually just toast.

So there you have it. My mornings are very hectic, everyday I say to myself "tomorrow I am going to get up at 6:00 so I am not rushing so much", but as if that's going to happen! Getting up at around 7:10/7:15  is bad enough :') I get out on time though, and that's the main thing.

I would love to know about your morning routines, are yours as hectic as mine or are you organised and chilled? Leave me a comment :)


  1. It seems like the bus ride takes long enough, but my favorite part is the breakfast before classes.. My routine is pretty simple right now, but I have no idea what may come at college!

    1. hehe I guess my advice would be to go to bed early, which I really need to start doing so I can actually get out of bed in the morning :'D xxx

  2. Wow! what a mad dash! At least you have your makeup routine down in 5mins lol!
    I always tell myself I'm gonna get up at 5am and workout (like I used to) and take my time getting ready for work...but that never happens! I roll out of bed and race just like you.
    I enjoyed reading made me smile.

    Keisha xo

    1. Thank you lovely! It would be nice to work out in the morning, that would really wake me up :) xxx

  3. I can definitely relate to ignoring the first few alarms, my bed never feels as comfy as when I need to get up and get ready. :) What is your daily makeup look?

    x Sophie

    1. very true haha :D I will have to do a post on my everyday look, thanks for the idea :) xx

  4. Sounds like my morning routine, except some days I have to get up even earlier (around 4 a.m.). My commute is about 2 hours. :-(
    Bright and Shiny